The time following the loss of a loved one can be extremely difficult for family and friends.  St. Joseph Hospice understands that the grief process is a normal reaction to loss and that the healing process takes time and can vary from person to person.

The care provided by St. Joseph Hospice doesn’t end with the death of a patient … care extends to the family of the deceased patient during the year following the loss to help them work through feelings caused by a death-related loss.

St. Joseph Hospice offers support groups, programs and resources to help family members deal with grief in a number of ways on your own time.  Our experienced counselors, chaplains and staff not only know the right questions to ask … they know when to just sit back and listen.

What can I expect from my grief experience?

Please know that your grief experience will be unique to you, due to a list of factors:

  • Your relationship to your loved one, including the degree of closeness and the roles the person played in your life
  • The circumstances of your loved one’s death
  • Your perceived support system
  • Your unique personality and the personality of your loved one
  • Your gender
  • Your cultural background
  • How you have dealt with previous losses
  • Other life crises
  • Your spiritual perspective. (Information obtained from Understanding Your Grief by Dr. Alan Wolfelt, which is a very helpful resource for those seeking to understand the grief process.)

Yet, even though your grief experience will be unique, there are some tasks that you will work through, to one degree or another, when dealing with your loss:

  • Accepting the Reality of the Loss*
  • Working through the Pain of Grief*
  • Adjusting to an Environment in Which Your Loved One is Missing (Internal, External & Spiritual Adjustments)*
  • Emotionally Relocating Your Loved One*
  • Embracing Life Again**

*Information obtained from Dr. William Worden’s Grief Counseling and Grief Therapy: A Handbook for the Mental Health Practitioner, Third Edition

**Kim Smith, Bereavement Coordinator for St. Joseph Hospice – New Orleans

Where can I get further information and assistance?

The web provides a wealth of helpful information for those dealing with grief:

If you would like personal/group assistance in your area:

Please contact the Bereavement Coordinator at your local St. Joseph Hospice office (see “Locations/Contact Us” page) or visit ADEC “Find a Specialist” (To find a grief specialist in your area).

The New Orleans office of St. Joseph Hospice now offers a Grief Support Blog for those in need.  Visit today at